Majority of Czechs No Longer Afraid to Lose Their Jobs

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The number of Czechs who desire change in their lives is getting higher with each year, and it is related to one major factor – they are not afraid of losing their jobs. The survey conducted by the agency Grafton Recruitment, showed the drastic number of people who want to change their current jobs.

The country has the highest number of people wishing to change their present job in the last 5 years. Out of 1,695 respondents, 23% of the respondents would like to change their jobs within one month, 45% - no later than within a year.

The level of wages triggers most of the Czech citizens to start seriously consider going for such a change. It became one of the most important factor for the interviewees.

However, not only wages make the Czechs rise from their seats. The respondents also mentioned the desire for career growth, the desire to receive satisfaction from the new job and the need for change.

Often, Czechs, when choosing a new job, take into account the distance from their housing to the place of work and the type of contract - for a limited or an unlimited period.

Such desire for the better conditions is already becoming a very cultural thing and is planning to rise within the next few years.

Author: Anna Zhadan


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