Love Locks On Charles Bridge Removed Each Week!

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More than 100 love locks are attached to Charles Bridge each week... and the council are working hard to remove them! Locking a padlock with yours and your loved one's name on it to a bridge and then throwing the key into the river has become a romantic ritual for couples on European weekends away.

Despite the 'eternal love' sentiment behind this gesture, the authorities remove locks each week. The locks damage the bridge and there are simply too many! Lever shears are used for the task or if the steel is really strong, a cordless chainsaw!

And the locks come in all shapes and sizes:

"Sometimes there will be locks that will really surprise me because they are massive, biker locks that really look terrible on that small grid. These locks are hard to dispose of, it takes longer. People have to pay big money for such a lock, from a thousand crowns above, but as you can see, lovers know no boundaries or limits," Roman Kotrc from the Association of Artists of Charles Bridge said.

It's not just Prague that is drowning in love locks, Paris, Rome, and Dresden are also popular love locking destinations. Next time, lovers, think twice before throwing away the key!

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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