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The online supermarket Košík.cz is trying to test the delivery of ready meals, including seven sushi boxes on the menu. The sushi is prepared by Košík.cz in cooperation with Wasabisushi.cz.

In addition to lunch and dinner, the offer could cover, for example, pre-prepared breakfasts or snacks.

"By adding fresh sushi to the menu, we test the options of the fresh-tasting segment - the food we deliver almost immediately after production. Our logistics and quality control is at such a high level that it would be a shame to not use it. Fresh meals can be seasonally changed and adapted to customer requirements, we would like to mediate not only current gastronomic trends but also traditional home-made appetizers," said Jakub Šulta, head of the initiative.

The specific names of bistros are not mentioned. "In the case of a bistro, we are conducting ongoing negotiations and, of course, we are testing our kitchen," added Šulta. Meanwhile, it seems that the greatest interest could be for classic Czech dishes - soups and goulash.

The competitive e-shop Rohlik.cz sells pre-prepared meals under its own brand since last January. The menu offers soups, Indian cuisine, pasta, and also sushi sets.

Author: Samia Ahmed


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