How To Celebrate St. Barbara's Day on December 4

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On December 4, the day before St. Nicholas’ Day, women celebrated St. Barbara’s Day.

t is connected with the cutting of St. Barbara’s branches, know as barborky. According to the folk tradition, a branch has to be cut with the first ray of sun, from a cherry tree at least ten years old and then has to be taken to a house where an unmarried girl lives. If the branch blossoms on Christmas Eve, it means that the girl would find a groom in the coming year.

Today barborky are also a typical pre-Christmas household decoration. In Bohemia, children put stockings in their windows on St. Barbara’s eve, into which St. Barbara puts small sweets, or coal, rocks, or potatoes if the child was naughty in the preceding period.They would take a twig off a cherry tree and keep it in water until Christmas.

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