High-Speed Trains: Prague to Brno in 40 Minutes?

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The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) commissioned the Feasibility study of the high-speed railway line Prague - Brno - Břeclav to conclude a contract with the winning company SUDOP Praha.

The proposed routes will connect the Czech Republic to Germany via Dresden in the northwest and via Domažlice in the southwest. The route from Dresden will go through Prague and Brno to Břeclav, where there are options to continue to Vienna or Bratislava. 

Prague to Brno will take about 40 minutes. “The priority is the high-speed line between Prague and Brno, but the current timetable for the Railway Infrastructure Administration is not expected to be operational until 2038,” said Matěj Stropnický, head of the Czech Republic’s Green Party.

Work on the study will run for 29 months and will focus on the technical, operational and subsequent economic assessment of the whole section from Prague through Brno to Břeclav.

The plan does not call for high-speed rail along the entire route. Some sections of tracks and tunnels will not be upgraded do reduce the cost of the plan. This was to make it more likely that the plan would qualify for EU subsidies. 

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