Hidden Gem in The Czech Republic: The Royal Forest Dam

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Surrounded by a beautiful forest with walking trails and the Elbe River is a dam. In fact, it is no ordinary dam but perhaps the most beautiful in the world. It makes a picturesque scenic attraction in the Czech Republic.

When approaching the dam one may think it to be a castle due to prominent beautiful towers. An unreal picture emerges, almost like a fantasy out of a childhood storybook. It borrowed its name from the neighboring former royal forest and had been declared a National Technical Monument in the year 1964.

While traveling through Czechian landscapes, it is worth it to make a quick stop to this curious water barrier. It is easily accessible from Dvůr Králové nad Labem, by foot or by car.  It is also possible to take a walk through the adjacent forests. The local educational trails watched over by Krakonoš, lord of the mountains himself, can also take you to Hájemství.

The impetus for the construction of dams on the upper flow of the Elbe was the disastrous flood of July 1897. The detailed Royal Forest Dam project (formerly referred to as the Těšnov or Bílá Třemešná dam) was prepared by the Technical Department for River Treatment in Prague under the supervision of construction consultant Mr. Josef Plicka.

Its construction occurred during the years 1910 - 1919; the long construction period was significantly influenced by World War I. In its time it was the largest reservoir in the Czechoslovak Republic in terms of volume of water held, and the longest dam in terms of the length of the brick dam. Since the year 1958 the dam, including the additional hydroelectric power plant, has been a stable monument due to its architectonic uniqueness.

Author: Samia Ahmed 


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