Heavy Snow to Hit the Czech Republic

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Tonight, the Czech Republic will be hit by heavy snowfalls that are expected to continue until Wednesday next week. Forecasters say that up to 25 centimetres of snow could fall in mountainous areas, while low-lying areas could get around 20 centimetres.

Snowdrifts may form and ice is expected on roads in some parts of the country on Wednesday night.

"The heaviest snowfall is expected across parts of southern regions, where accumulations of 15 cm are likely”, said the Czech hydrometeorological center in a statement.

The current meteorological warning extends to South Bohemia, the South Moravian Region, Karlovy Vary, and Liberec.

Tomorrow afternoon, the air temperature in the lowlands will vary from -2 to 0° C. At the beginning of next week, a cold snap will bring the night temperature down to -11° C. 

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