Half a Million People Expected for Anti-Babiš Protest This Sunday

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The protest is organized by Milion Chvilek Pro Demokracii (Million Moments for Democracy) who are behind the anti-government protests that have been held in hundreds of towns and cities around the Czech Republic for the past two months.

A rally in Wenceslas Square two weeks ago attracted an estimated 120,000 people. Mikuláš Minář, a spokesman for A Million Moments for Democracy, the group organizing the protests, told June 4th gathering it had doubled the previous attendance.

He pledged to ratchet the pressure up further by announcing plans for an even bigger rally this Sunday, June 23rd in Prague’s Letná Park – the venue of a rally in 1989 credited with presaging the final end of the communist regime – saying Wenceslas Square was no longer large enough to accommodate the growing protests.

Babiš, 64, who became prime minister in 2017, has repeatedly said he will never resign.

After police recommended in April that he face fraud charges over alleged misuse of EU funds, he responded by sacking the justice minister in his coalition government and installing a close ally, Marie Benešová.

Another issue in the spotlight: the PM’s suspected past collaboration with the Czechoslovak secret police StB, under the name Bureš. At the front stage, a large poster hung in front of the Plague Column stating: “In Brno, Prague and the whole country, we’re driving away ‘StB’ officers”.

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