Gallery Exhibition of “Real Naked People” is Now Open in Prague

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What do you think about nudity? Are you offended by women who display their naked bodies, or do you perceive nudity as a natural part of life? And what do you think about an exhibition of naked women?

Following the first exhibition in Spring 2017, VOAYER organizers have opened a permanent space, where gallery goers can see, touch and photograph real-life nudes on a daily basis. The faces of the naked models at the exhibition are often covered with masks. Some of them wear leather dog-collars. 

“Nudity is today more common in the online world than in reality,” the official site states. “That’s why VOAYER’s sole and essential goal is to provide an exciting real-life experience.”

Visitors to the show must follow strict rules. They are allowed to take pictures, but must not use video-cameras.

VOAYER Gallery opened on the fourth floor of Dum Mody on Wenceslas Square last week. Closed on Mondays, it is open daily from 11:30-21:30.

For more details visit the official website

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Photo: Martin Šimral


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