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Gail came to Prague from NYC in 2002 on an operatic tour. However, the flood cut it short and Gail had to figure out what was next.

She saw many foreigners had no one to contact in an emergency. 15 years of volunteering in hospitals and on crisis hotlines gave her all she needed to help. Learning Czech was a breeze for her as well. She has been supporting people in need ever since.

With her background, the appetite to educate herself further in counselling, and being a great listener, she proved to be invaluable for many who would be lost without her.

She opened a counselling practice and is the only 24/7 English crisis interventionist in the country. During life's rough moments–thoughts of suicide, rape, acts of violence, loss, break-ups, depression, Gail bears no judgment and has great respect for those able to voice their pain and begin healing.

She navigates people through the system to make the first steps easier. She'll accompany a person to the hospital, police station, or embassy and advocate and translate for them if need be.

As we all hope and wish the best for everyone, Gail Whitmore is like a lighthouse for those who feel lost in life. (24/7 mob. 00420 775 248 363)

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