From Today Until Sunday: French Market at Kampa

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Prague Morning

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The traditional market held on the occasion of Bastille Day. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste and purchase cheeses, sausages, pâtés, olives and olive oil, wine and sweets such as ice cream and French crèpes, and a variety of other items, such as products made from lavender.

There will be a few more “bubbles” or “sparkles” this year, with the first participation of Mon Crémant, who offers a wide choice of sparkling wines, from all possible regions (Alsace, Burgundy, Jura, Loire, Limoux, Savoy) and in their wide-ranging from ‘extra brut” to half dry.

No Stress bakery will offer a wide choice of French pies and an assortment of pastries and bread. You can taste the famous Macarons from the Millième pastry shop, as well as their tartlets in the purest French tradition.

There will be also a stand dedicated solely to oysters. The Marché – Tučné a zdravé offers every day a choice of fresh oysters, special or fine, freshly brought from Normandy or Brittany.

The atmosphere of the market will be enhanced by special decorations inspired by the French “tricolore” as well as live music.

Full program here


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