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The Czech company Unique & Limited collaborated with a team of artists, and car lovers in order to create unique pictures using special equipment that combines live action photo and CGI. Within the framework of this project, the first automotive-art gallery "Unique Gallery" appeared in Prague.

In an area of about 70 square meters, viewers can enjoy various stories and people represented - for example, car icons, such as James Hunt and Eliška Junková.

So, how are the pictures created?

Unique & Limited works are created using a special technique. It is fascinating that the creation of one picture takes about 3-5 months and a team of five people. The creative process itself is preceded by dozens of hours of studying a particular historical event in motorcycle races. Then artists go to a specific place where they take photographs.

After returning to the studio, the team works on the post-production, when a detailed model of the racing car is created. The work is carried out according to the historical photographs – every detail, every scratch on the car is transmitted. 

Unique Gallery is also a car showroom. The gallery is located at Anglická 14 and opened every day from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.

Author: Anna Zhadova


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