February 3: Carnival Parade in Karlín

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The 15th edition of this popular event features a procession with a horse carriage, crafts market, a programme on the stage, and workshops for children.

Traditional masks, characters, a horse carriage with a music band will appear in the parade, winding its way through the streets of Karlín.  Children can look forward to competitions, wooden attractions, traditional crafts, carriage rides, an ice rink, and more.

The Masopust carnival celebrations are nothing new in the Czech Republic. The first mention of them dates back to the 13th century and probably followed the ancient worship of the wine god Bacchus. Although today many consider Masopust as just a masquerade parade, the period of merrymaking always began on January 6 and the amusement in the streets was only the culmination. 

The Czech capital will culminate in the Bohemian Masopust carnival called Carnevale Praha, celebrating creativity and grandeur. From January 29 to February 9, the city immerses you in the whirl of masks, clowns and acrobats, and few can resist its power. 

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