Entrance to Karlovo náměstí Metro Station Will be Closed for a Year

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The Resslova Street entrance to Karlovo náměstí metro station on line B will be closed for at least 10 months due to the replacement of escalators and other necessary repairs.

The closure of the eastern entrance will take place on Tuesday 9 October. The entrance will be closed until at least August 2019. Passengers will be able to use the western entrance in the direction of Palacky Square during the closure. The function of the underpass at the junction between Resslova, Ječná, and Karlovo náměstí streets will be partially preserved.

“This modernization mainly concerns the escalators, lighting of service spaces, switchboards, socket outlets, communication devices, and building modifications. The refurbishment and partial reconstruction of the ceilings, wall, and floor tiles are also expected,” says Tomáš Kaas, investment director and DPP member.

Replacing an escalator is not an easy task

The initial dismantling of the existing escalators will be the first thing to work on. Spare parts will be recovered, which the DPP will then use for repairs and services on escalators at other stations. The remaining parts that can no longer be used will be extracted and exported as scrap for further processing (ecological disposal). The redevelopment works of the escalator tunnel will follow this and the premises will be made ready for the assembly of new escalators. This preparatory work will be time-consuming due to the fact that it’s a new load-bearing concrete structure which needs time to mature.

Following this, the individual escalator modules will be installed, which involves the transportation of heavy loads. After the mechanical parts are assembled, the individual elements of the equipment and subsequent “technological revival” will come into play. At the end, all tests will be carried out as required by law, including load tests and revisions before commencing with passengers. The new escalators will be safer and less energy consuming. At the same time, there will be a modernization of the public toilets in the metro station.

The closure will affect tens of thousands of people

Karlovo náměstí underground station was opened on 2 November 1985 and is located at a depth of 40 meters. On average, 66,000 passengers pass through the station on a working day, of which about 48,000 will be affected by the Resslov entrance closure.

Author: Holly Webb 


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