Electric Cars Will Have 59 More New Charging Stations in Prague

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A new network of charging points for electric cars will be built in Prague. By 2019, it plans to build 59 new charging stations.

The number of electric cars in the Czech Republic is growing exponentially. Estimates say that in 2020 the annual sales will rise to seven thousand. At present, over a thousand electric vehicles are registered in the Czech Republic.

Currently, there are 100 charging stations for electric cars in Prague. 12 of them are fast charging and can charge an electric car in 30 minutes. 

Prague is far behind in the number of charging stations for electric cars in comparison with other European metropolises. There are 1800 charging stations in Amsterdam, and Vienna has over 450 charging stations.

"I am glad that Prague will finally be catching up with other European capitals in this area. The existing network of charging stations in Prague is not sufficient for the expected development of electromobility, and most of the existing stations are medium-speed. We want to create more comfortable conditions for electricians to start building on a larger scale," commented Prague's Mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

“It makes sense to build them close to shopping malls, in the city center or close to some main roads,” says Petr Vomáčka from The Central Automotive Club of the Czech Republic (ÚAMK). According to him, by 2050, nearly ninety percent of vehicles in Prague could be alternative fuel vehicles.

The fast-charging stations will be near the Vinohrady Hospital, Vršovice, Prague-Řepy, and Chodov. Medium-speed charging stations will be built on P + R parking lots at the edges of the metropolis, such as Černý Most, Letňany, Rajská zahrada and Ládví. 

Author: Samia Ahmed


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