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On the 15th of June a new car-sharing offer with small EVs is going to start in Prague. The company Re.Volt will release a fleet of 2.2 m short and 1.3 m wide two-seaters, which will have a 120 km range.

The market launch in the Czech capital will start with 20 of the vehicles, which are bookable via an app. If the venture proves successful, the company plans to expand their fleet to about 240 EVs. The startup is already looking to establish themselves in other European cities.

The service will be in a free-float-mode in Prague 1 and 2. Parking is free and the due to the small size, the manufacturer calculates that up to four of the mini EVs fit on a regular parking spot. The rental fee is around 15 cents per minute, with an 80 cent minimum fare.

The agile vehicles have a 7.5 kW motor performance and a 10 kWh battery capacity. This allows for the 120 km range at a top speed of up to 80 km/h.

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