Dry February: Could You Give Up Alcohol For a Month?

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"Dry February" challenges you to leave the booze be for a whole month.

Run by suchejunor.cz, Dry February is a campaign encouraging people to stop drinking alcohol during the second month of the year.

Many people will use it as a detox period, with Alcohol Concern saying the month-long movement lets you take control over your relationship with booze and drive a conversation about alcohol.

The campaign emphasizes that Czech men are among the world's leading drinkers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they drink almost three times the world average per year. The social costs of excessive drinking are estimated at more than 16 billion CZK per year.

"It's a big problem and it's been so for a long time. The situation tends to worsen, but the problem persists for a long time. For decades, alcohol consumption has increased steadily, making us one of the world's top country," said Petr Popov, the head of Prague's Addiction Treatment Clinic.

According to Popov, the cause is the traditional factors; alcohol consumption has always been considered as something linked closely with daily life. People almost cannot imagine a situation where alcohol would not be consumed. Then, of course, massive marketing pressure, which people often succumb to - even though they feel they are making the decision themselves.

Author: Samia Ahmed


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