"Don't Feed Them!": Your Bread Is Killing Prague's Animals

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The local organization Lesy Prahy asks the residents not to feed animals with bread and pastries. Several cases have already been reported, when wild animals died due to the consumption of the unsuitable food.

At least three animals were killed in the Prague forests because of people who fed them bread. Not only bakery products are dangerous for wild animals, but also vegetables.

The first victims of the human "care" were a deer and a goat, who died on Sunday, on Christmas Eve. As Lesy Prahy reported, it happens because visitors violate the rules and ignore the warning signs, which indicate that you cannot feed animals.

Recently, a dead doe and a goat were also found. This was reported by Lesy Prahy on Monday, December 25, who apologized for bringing a sad message on the holiday. They also added photos of the dead animals in order to amplify their statement.

Large portions of bread and carrots cause problems with the digestion in animals, which can result in death.

The staff of the Lesy Prahy regularly feed animals in the zoos, and visitors should not worry about them suffering from hunger.

Animals get food of a high quality, fresh water, and all the necessary care. If you still want to please them with food, gifts can be given to the zoo workers or left in the specially designated places.

Author: Anna Zhadan


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