Do You Like the Bun Bo Nam Bo? Even in Prague, You Can Taste the Real Vietnam

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Rice noodles, beef slices, crispy onions, peanuts, broth and lots of herbs are the ingredients of the Bun Bo Nam Bo, probably the most famous representative of Vietnamese cuisine. This speciality is becoming popular among Czechs, but where do you get the most authentic in Prague?

SAPA market

Do not be discouraged by the somewhat unsightly impression of the entrance to the Vietnamese Sapa Market. The Asian Center of Culture and Business offers more than just grocery and clothing stores. On an area of 250,000 square meters, you will find plenty of bistros and food stalls offering the finest Vietnamese cuisine, but do not wait for ironed tablecloths. Sapa works a lot in the supermarket. And in case you need help, you can ask young Vietnamese who accompany tourists and show them where it pays to buy cosmetics and where to find the best Bun Bo Nam Bo.

  • What to taste:  Vietnamese coffee.
  • Prices: The meals are usually between 110 and 140 crowns 
  • Address: Sapa, Libušská 319/126, Prague 4 

Restaurant with a story

Many people can confuse this restaurant with a Czech pub, it may be for the name or for the traditionally looking interior with red tablecloths and beer mugs. However, at Pivnice Smichoff, you can enjoy delicious Asian cuisine that remembers your greatest classics. The chef and owner Ngo Phung Duong cooks the Bun Bo Nam Bo, according to the recipe of their parents who brought it from South Vietnam. However, the popularity of his business takes with great humility and modesty, and customer feels like they have found a unique place.

  • What to taste: Excellent fresh spring rolls and traditional Vietnamese tea
  • Prices:  Move in the usual amount. For Bun Bo Nam Bo you pay 119 crowns, other main dishes with noodles cost from 99 crowns to 169 crowns
  • Address: Moulíkova 2240/5, Prague 5

Family business Gao Den

"Bun Bo Nam Bo is a fairly simple recipe, but you can just go wrong if you use the wrong ingredients. That's why I use a back top scarf from a proven supplier, and I pay attention to the choice of herbs or fish sauce," says the chef Khanh Ta. According to him, the greatest difference is made by the meat marinade and the dressing, which has to balance salinity, acidity and sweetness. If you are looking for a suitable place for a meeting or business meeting, here you will enjoy (in addition, it’s a nice quality-price ratio).

  • What to taste: any of the daily offer or Che Hoa Qua sticky rice and tapioca in coconut milk with strawberry purée, fruit and coconut ice cream
  • Prices: Soup cost around 49 crowns, starters cost around 99 crowns and buy the main meal from 169 to 269 crowns
  • Address:  Tlumačovská 26/26, Prague 13

Not just a baguette

It's not a string like a string. Branches of Asian Banh-mi-ba, which specialize in the stuffed baguette, are at the level of quality and modern interior. Bistro was originally founded by two brothers from Hanoi, and today is trained by experienced chefs. The splendour of their great Bun Bo Nam Bo is the use of fresh and quality raw materials from selected suppliers. They do not use any artificial flavourings or glutamates or semi-products in the preparation.

  • What to taste: Filled baguettes. You can choose from many variants
  • Prices: Bun Bo Nam Bo with a drink is 159 crowns
  • Address: Thámova 19, Praha 8; Jankovcova 8, Prague 7; Panská 9, Praha 1; Rybná 26, Prague 1

Author: Lilato Madiri


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