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It should come as no surprise that since the Metro was built during the communist era, the names for some of its stations and the accompanying artwork were chosen to celebrate heroes and key events as determined by that particular ideology.

Prague's metro names were both wiped from the map in February 1990, as post-Velvet Revolution Czechoslovakia continued to shed its communist skin. 10 other stations suffered a similar fate, as the communist-friendly names were edited to better suit the new political atmosphere in the country.

List of former and today's names of subway stations:

Former: Leninova (Lenin’s station)

Todays: Dejvická

Former: Sokolovská (named after battle of Sokolovo 1943)

Todays: Florenc

Former: Moskevská (Moscow station)

Todays: Anděl

Former: Švermova (named after important communist personality)

Todays: Jinonice

Former: Dukelská (named after battle of the Dukla Pass 1944)

Todays: Nové Butovice

Former: Fučíkova (named after important communist personality)

Todays: Nádraží Holešovice

Former: Gottwaldova (Gottwald’s station)

Todays: Vyšehrad

Former: Mládežnická (station of youth)

Todays: Pankrác

Former: Primátora Vacka (named after important communist personality)

Todays: Roztyly

Former: Budovatelů (“budovatel” - someone who contributes to the development of socialism or communism)

Todays: Chodov

Former: Družby ("družba" - Russian word for friendship)

Todays: Opatov

Former: Kosmonautů (station of astronauts)

Todays: Háje

Former: Slovenského národního povstání (named after Slovak National Uprising)

Todays: Hůrka

Former: Únorového vítězství (named after 1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état)

Todays: Nové Butovice

Today, some stations have nicknames or abbreviations: I.P. Pavlova is Ípák and Náměstí míru is Mírák. But some of the names are quite creative, for example Slintáč or Slinták? It refers to I.P. Pavlova, as it comes from the Czech verb slintat – meaning to drool – a reference to the experiments with dogs made by psychologist I.P. Pavlov, whom the station is named after.

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