Did You Know There's a Kasabian Music Video Dedicated to Jan Palach?

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Did you know there's a Kasabian music video dedicated to Czech Freedom fighter Jan Palach?

The video clip for one of the band’s most famous songs ‘Club Foot’, was dedicated to the young student who set himself on fire in 1969, in protest against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.

It was the British director, W.I.Z, who decided to make the dedication. The clear homage to Jan Palach can be seen 22 seconds into the clip where there is a picture of him on a glass window.

The whole clip deals with the theme of Soviet occupation, showing scenes shot in Hungary in relation to the intervention in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. A banner showing the text in Hungarian (Szabad Európa Rádió) which translates as "Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty".

The band did not know at the time of the dedication. Lead Singer Tom Meighan said in an interview: "We did not know tha it was the director of the clip. He shot it in Hungary, and he took it as a reminder of the events of 1956. At the same time, he wanted to draw attention to what was going on in the entire Eastern Bloc before the fall of the Iron Curtain. So there was a dedication Jan Palach to that end."


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