Dangerous Time of Year For Prague's Homeless

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This weekend, two homeless people living in Prague died on the street. There are 1,200 people sleeping rough in severe weather conditions in Prague. 

The winter measures to aid the homeless have been triggered by the authorities. This means overnight accommodation is offered to people sleeping rough on Prague's streets. Nighttime facilities have been expanded this year, with another center opening, increasing capacity from 150 to 200 beds.

This number is still significantly lower than the number of rough sleepers and social services are trying to set up more shelters ready for winter next year. However, there are other barriers that prevent homeless people taking up the accommodation as well. 

"Many people do not want to sleep in the dormitory, for example, because they do not want to give up their dog and the like," said Ján F. Krupa, National Director of Social Services of the Salvation Army.

Social services co-ordinate the efforts to help the homeless which involves the police, hospitals and Hope and The Salvation Army. 

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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