Czech Taxi Drivers Are Planning a Big Strike Against Uber

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Prague taxi drivers will hold another protest against smartphone-based ride services such as Uber and Taxify, starting from February 8th.

The taxi drivers claim that Uber drivers provide the same services as taxis but do not have to fulfill all the same legal conditions such as having a taxi license or a meter. 

The protest the taxi drivers are launching is not time-limited and it might last for several days, the organizers said.

A previous protest against Uber in Prague saw taxi drivers moving at snails pace, effectively blocking traffic along the main route to Prague’s international airport. 

The Prague Transport Ministry says it is working to resolve the problem with a new draft law which would put on par a taxi meter and mobile application as well as set down certain ruled for the ride-sharing service such as having compulsory car labels.

About 5,000 taxi cars operate in Prague, while some 2,000 drivers work for Uber, 1,100 for the rival Liftago company and an unspecified number for Taxify. However, some drivers work for more operators based on mobile applications and classical taxi services simultaneously.

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