Czech Street Artist Sells 878,600 Kč in a Bag for 1.1 Million Kč

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It’s known that money talks but turns out its message is pretty loud. 

Anonymous Czech street artist, Epos 257, is a quarter of a million richer as of last night after auctioning off an art piece that was simply money in an old plastic bag. The art piece had 878,600 Kč in cash and was sold for 1.1 million Kč. 

Epos 257 is known for making controversial art. He is best remembered for destroying billboards to make political and satirical statements about civilization. His projects reflect the state of the present society with an overlap in the public space, hidden under a pseudonym. Due to the nature of his projects, balancing on the edge of legality, he remains anonymous similar to Banksy or Space Invader. 

In the past, he used a paintball rifle to shred apart a billboard and once unveiled a 50-foot fence in a public space to show the imprisonment of society (and authorities didn’t notice the fence until 54 days later). 

Sunday marks the last part of his Retroflection Project, which began with an exhibition that used banknotes as the entry ticket. People had the option to pay the bank note. The exhibit was interactive and allowed visitors to be a part of his work and co-author pieces, to some extent. 

The money earned from the banknote trade-off was 878,600 Kč, which was the price auctioned off the other night. It took 3,080 transactions to reach this number. It highlights the circulation of money, services, and commodities in the company, which fits into the concept of the whole exhibition.

The piece was sold at Prague's prestigious European Arts Auction Hall on Sunday. It managed to sell it with the auction fee, 1.36 million Kč. It also includes a certificate confirming the authenticity of banknotes. Epos 257 earned 221,400 Kč.

Due to the success and popularity of this multi-faceted project, a separate exhibition will take place this year in the European Arts Gallery in Prague. 

Author: Meredith Hessel


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