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Czechs have started voting in the 2018 presidential election, with incumbent Miloš Zeman leading pre-election polls. Pollsters say he won't win the votes needed to secure a second term outright, so a run-off may occur.

Polls showed Zeman was leading in the nine-candidate race, ahead of his most likely challenger, Jiri Drahoš, a pro-European independent candidate who is a physical chemist and the former head of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Zeman's campaign has centered on anti-immigration even if the Czech Republic has received only 12 migrants under the EU quota system.

Drahoš, on the other hand, is a liberal centrist who has called on Prague to "play a more active role in the EU."

Other candidates in the running include ex-gambler and songwriter Michal Horáček, former right-wing premier Mirek Topolanek and Vratislav Kulhanek, former head of Czech carmaker Skoda Auto.

Preliminary results are expected on Saturday night.

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