Czech Republic One of the Most Free Countries in the World

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Freedom House has placed the Czech Republic 91 out of 100 on its latest freedom rankings.

While the Czech Republic is indeed considered ‘free’ with a positive Freedom rating, Political Rights and Civil Liberties, the view from the spokesperson is also that there are concerns over press safety and restrictions on their work.

Among the 195 countries or territories surveyed, 86 were rated as "free," 59 "partly free," and 50 "not free," according to the report. The 25 criteria are assigned between 0 and 4 points on a series of 25 indicators, for an aggregate score of a 100. These are used to determine numerical ratings for political rights and civil liberties. A rating of one represents the freest conditions and 7 the least free.

On top were Finland, Norway and Sweden, which all scored 100, followed by the Netherlands (99), Canada (99), New Zealand (98), Uruguay (98), Australia (98), Luxembourg (98), Ireland (97) and Denmark (97), the report showed.

The countries or territories with the worst freedom rating were Syria, which had a score of 0, Tibet (1), South Sudan (2), Eritrea (2), Turkmenistan (2), North Korea (3), and Western Sahara (4). 

You can find the full report here

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