Czech Republic Is The EU’s Most Sexist State

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According to a new Eurobarometer survey, the Czech Republic came last in the 2017 Gender Equality Index.

The results were calculated after almost 28,000 people across the EU took a survey on this topic.

Sweden came top in the survey. Seventy-seven percent of Czechs think that the woman most important role is to take care of the home and the family compared with Just eleven percent of Swedes and fourteen percent of Danes. Seventy-two percent of Czechs said the most important role of a man is to earn money.

In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Latvia, eighty-three percent of Czechs think women are more likely to make decisions based on their emotions. The joint highest rate in the EU.

A separate study by Eurostat showed that the Czech Republic has the second largest gender pay gap of 22.5%, behind Estonia with 26.9%. The EU average is 16.3% and the lowest pay gaps were found in Italy and Luxembourg with 5.5%.

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