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Journalists around the world face more hostility towards their work, a trend encouraged by an increasing number of politicians inhibiting journalism, according to the 2018 World Press Freedom Index.

The index, a snapshot of the media freedom situation based on an evaluation of pluralism, independence of the media, quality of legislative framework, and safety of journalists in each country, ranks 180 countries.

The annual report, published on Wednesday by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), reflects the state of journalism around the globe.

The Czech Republic dropped 11 places in the ranking to 34th. Neighbour Slovakia dropped 10 places to 27th place. 

Norway tops the list as the country where journalists have the most freedom, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands. North Korea is at the bottom of the list, just below Eritrea and Turkmenistan.

Overall, the 2018 report concludes, global press freedom is in a worse state than it was last year and a record number of countries this year have been classified as having "very bad" freedom of the press.

See the full index here.

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