Czech Railways Refuse to Distribute Diaries Because of a Map Showing Islamic State

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Czech Railways (ČD) refuse to distribute diaries for 2018 because of a world map showing "Islamic state", and Crimea.

Five thousand copies of the diaries are usually sent to its employees and partners every December. The official position of the Czech Republic is that Crimea is a Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia but the peninsula is marked on the map, on the last page of the diary, by the flowers of both countries. Abkhazia and South Ossetia are marked in the same way. In addition, the map identifies the area of "Islamic state".

The editor-in-chief of the cartography "Kartografie Praha" Jan Ptacek argues that this approach is standard and is used by many publishers.

At the request of the customer Crimea could be referred to both Russia or Ukraine. “Islamic State territories are not really recognized by any state in the world. However, the territory is controlled by them, albeit with constantly changing borders, it does exist," Ptacek said.

The ČD management decided not to distribute these diaries, so as not to hurt the feelings of partners and to avoid disputes. How much the state-owned company paid for the production is unknown.

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