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The long wait is finally over. More than three thousand Czech Post Office branches will add credit card terminals as an option for payment. From the 1st of July, users can pay with Visa and MasterCard from any bank, which until now was just a luxury found at only a third of the branches. 

Although payment by credit cards has been heavily suggested by customers for a very long time, according to managing director Roman Knap, the development of the credit card terminals to all the Czech Post Office branches couldn’t have happened sooner as certain services would have become unprofitable. However, now the Czech Post has finalized better conditions for the contract and are now implementing the terminals to all their branches. 

Last year the Czech Post went through a loss of profits for the first time since its start in 1993. In 2018, its economic activities caused them to enter red numbers once they showed a loss of nearly 275 million crowns. The year before that they gained a profit of 91 million crowns. The loss of profit was explained by the state not paying the Czech Post enough for the ordered services, which then was the main reason for the restructuring. 

The next goal for the Czech Post is to enter black numbers by 2022 with Knap leading the operations. The introduction of the credit card terminals is the first of many innovations that the Post offices are working on. Putting all the terminals in place in the widely spread web of the Post office branches has been happening during the last seven months as in some places there weren’t any credit card terminals and in others there were for example only terminals for ČSOB, and in other there were two; one for ČSOB and one for other banks. Everything had to be reorganized and they had to make sure that all branches would offer the same services. 

“We’re very proud that all of our customers in our wide web of Post Offices with more than 3 200 branches have finally gotten the change they’ve been waiting for; the comfortable payment of all cards MasterCard and Visa. Using cards and even smartphone payments is faster and is even helping the staff out so the service can be all-round faster and better. This also solves the confusion of our customers where they can use their credit cards”, explains managing director of the Czech Post Roman Knap. 

The reason behind why the installation of the payment terminals has lasted for several months is that there were only 110 technicians for a total of 7 719 terminals, which means the whole process had to be extended over the seven months. Now the Czech Post has been modernized and customers can rely on the fact that they can use their credit cards at all the company branches. 

At the moment the Czech Post only accepts Visa and MasterCard as they cover nearly 100% of the market. If needed, the Czech Post is ready to widen its services to other companies such as American Express and Diners Club. 

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