Czech Pension to Rise by 900 Crowns Next Year

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The average monthly pension in the Czech Republic will probably go up by 900 crowns in 2020 as the Chamber of Deputies unanimously passed the government's pension bill on Wednesday.

The Senate now has to debate the bill before sending it to the president to sign.

The law states that the pensions are to be raised by half of the real-wage increase plus inflation in the given period. This means the average pension will increase by 700 crowns by law in 2019 and the government will top it up with contributions of some 180 to 200 crowns according to the labour ministry's estimates.

Experts argue that the Czech system sees pensions of the rich and poor differ only very little. According to the pension yearbook, only one-tenth of old-age pensioners had their monthly pension over 14,501 crowns two years ago. One-half of them had more than 11,344 crowns and one-tenth had less than 8,576 crowns. 

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