Czech Granddad Fights Immigration by Felling Trees. Arrested.

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The old man was trying to draw public attention to the problem of immigration and terrorist attacks, but the Czech police didn’t take kindly to his efforts.

Czech police have recently arrested a 70 years old man. It turns out the old man was chopping down trees on railroads and was dropping fake jihadist flyers near the town of Mladá Boleslav in the Central Bohemian region. His actions led to the collision of several trains with the trees, but fortunately, no one was hurt. reports that the Czech citizen was trying to stir concern among the local population about excessive immigration and terrorism, but all he achieved was an outburst of Islamo- and xenophobia.

The man was taken into custody on the basis of fears that he might repeat his acts or get away. He is now charged with terrorism accusations since in the Czech Republic threats to the civilian population are also qualified as terrorism.

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