Czech Government Rejects Proposal to Abolish Smoking Ban

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A proposal to abolish the smoking ban in the Czech Republic has been rejected following a parliamentary vote.

"The law is valid for nine months. This is a very short time so we still need somehow evaluate its impacts, whether positive or negative. 18,000 people per year in the Czech Republic die of smoking-related illnesses," said Ministry of Health Adam Vojtěch. 

The government has reviewed the proposal of 86 MEPs to allow smoking in the restaurants. Owners of non-food bars can decide whether to smoke in the place or not.

The Senate received a petition against the smoking ban in July, signed by more than 23,000 people. The petition’s goal was to repeal the absolute smoking ban in all pubs and restaurants, which have all reported a decrease in customers and are on the verge of bankruptcy since the ban went into effect.

Over 100 Czech pubs and restaurants have been found guilty of contravening a smoking ban that was brought in at the end of May.

An absolute smoking ban is in effect inside restaurants, theaters, and cinemas. The law also banned smoking at public transport stations and the use of e-cigarettes in hospitals, schools and shopping centers, as well as the sale of cigarettes in vending machines.

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