Button Up! Prague Temperatures to Drop Below Zero this Week

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There should be snow and bright spells in the Czech Republic on Monday, with temperatures of up to 0 degrees Celsius expected. The snow is forecast to continue until near the end of the week. In the following four weeks, the weekly minimum temperatures will be below zero and the maximum temperatures will slightly above 0 degrees. 

The gradual cooling will start from Monday. At the same time rainfalls are expected to be more intense; even in the lowlands will snow.

Tuesday will reach highs of 1° and lows of around -5° at night.

Clouds are expected from Wednesday to Sunday, but temperatures during the day will grow, with a Wednesday high of 2° and a Friday 3°.

A further cold snap is expected at the end of the week. Clouds and precipitation will be less, but the temperature will fall slightly. At night the thermometer can drop to -6°.

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