Both Platforms At Muzeum Back In Use Until January

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The platform at Muzeum metro station in the direction of Depo Hostivař has been reopened. Repairs at the station will be paused until January 2nd, when the other metro line A platform, in the direction of Nemocnice Motol, will be closed. 

The repairs are dealing with water leaks, construction of a new drainage system, renewal of stone pillars and wall tiles on the platform. A new lighting and a station control system including station radio and passenger counting system have also been installed. The estimated total cost of reconstruction will amount to 120 million crowns. 

When the other platform closes on January 3rd, passengers will need to be aware of the diversion. 

"You will have to go to Můstek Station to go to the Muzeum station in the direction of Depo Hostivař and then take the train in the opposite direction." said Ladislav Urbánek, Transport Director of the Prague Transport Company (DPP).

In August, the final stage of reconstruction, repairing the central station tunnel, will take place. This work will happen at night, however, so as not to disrupt service.

Author: Jessica Kleyn  


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