Bookmakers Expect Zeman To Win Presidential Election

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Czech bookmakers consider President Zeman the favorite of the forthcoming direct presidential election. The first round of the election is scheduled for January 12-13. 

Those who believe Zeman will defend his post may wager at the odds of 1.6-1, a bet on the victory of Drahoš is accepted with the odds of 3.2-1 and 3.6-1, entrepreneur Michal Horáček returned to the third position, with odds of 10-1 and 11-1.

The bets related to the presidential election accepted by the Fortuna, Tipsport and Chance betting companies.

Most betters expect Zeman and Drahoš to meet in the second round, he said.

In the first round, the bookmakers expect Zeman to win 37 percent of the vote, Drahoš 22 percent, Horáček 13 percent.

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