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Ordering things over a mobile app is something Czech people quickly accustomed to. Instead of waving on the classic yellow taxis, hoping to catch a ride, all it takes is to download the app Liftago, Uber or Bolt which will ensure a driver will be wherever and whenever you need them to be. The only problem that ever bubbled up out of that, is when you’d want to order a ride for a bigger group of people, that didn’t fit into one car, as most of the cars only fit up to five people including the driver. 

The Estonian startup Bolt (previously Taxify) is reacting to the issue of giving rides to bigger groups and has started the category XL, beginning to offer rides in Prague that have cars ready to transport a minimum of six passengers.

“The XL category is designated for a bigger group of people that would normally have to order two cars. This way they can just order one car which ends up being cheaper for the passengers, yet the driver earns more money. Additionally, instead of two cars, only one car will be on the road benefitting the passengers, driver, and city - which is our goal”, says Central European regional manager of Bolt, Roman Sysel. 

Until now, a bigger group of people had to order at least two taxis if they wished to use one of the three main transport companies. So far nor Liftago nor Uber offers the option of choosing a bigger car in Prague, therefore, Bolt could become a more attractive option for a group of five or more people. 

The price of the XL service should be around 60% more expensive than a normal ride. At the same time, it's logically less than if you were to order two separate cars. Bolt wants to approach bigger groups that are traveling to Prague from the airport, companies that require the transportation of their employees after company events. Car types such as Mercedes-Benz Vito, Viano or Volkswagen Transporter should also appear in the offer. 

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