Best Ice Cream & Gelato in Prague: Taste for Yourself!

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Prague is known for its main dessert: ice cream and gelato. Here is a list of 9 best stores to try out for yourself!

1. Angelato - One of the first gelato parlors established in Prague. This family-run business can be found in Rytířská, Újezd, and Bělohorská.

2. Crème de la Crème - They opened their first store right in the heart of Prague, the tourist paradise in Husova Street. Due to their popularity and famous gelato ice cream, another branch recently opened in Národní třída.

3. Cukrárna Saint Tropez - This is a Czech branch of the original store in France. As the name implies, it is a patisserie mainly for French sweets such as macarons and cakes. 

4. Gelateria Amato - Ice cream/gelato is crafted right in front of your eyes! They use high-quality processing and raw materials so you can definitely look forward to having the best gelato in town! In addition to their gelato, definitely try their Italian coffee and their tasty milkshakes!

5. IF Café - From the famous owner, Iveta Fabešová, this homemade ice cream place also has an open-air dine-ins. They are already operating in four locations in Prague including Belgická, Tylovo náměstí, Werichova vila, and Jungmannova. 

6. PURO Gelato - Their first branch opened at Exton but you can definitely find them in Kaprova and Na Hrobci. Their waffles are also a must-try!

7. Ovocný Světozor - Another favorite place of all the Prague citizens. Their most famous strawberry and banana sparkling ice cream are one of Prague’s favorite from the menu. You can find a list of all stores and their opening hours on their site.

8. Vanille. - A wonderful confectionary and a café located right next to the tram stop towards Vršovice and Žižkov. Their coffee is perfect during winter and their ice cream will cool you down for the summer!

9. Zmrzlinář - This parlor uses traditional recipes from ice cream to coffee to homemade cakes! Located in Vinohrady, you absolutely won’t regret trying their desserts from the menu!

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