Best Christmas Destination in Europe? Prague, Vienna, or...?

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Zagreb. The Croatian city has been voted the best European Christmas destination in Europe for the third year running. It is newly established as a Christmas destination, with its first advent market only being held in 2010. 

Out of 20 destinations, Prague came only 12th in a vote by more than 200,000 people from 131 countries.  Nearby rival, Vienna, took 3rd place, whilst Dresden came 16th. 

The poll was taken by European Best Destination an association based in Brussels, which promotes culture and tourism in Europe. In Prague's entry, it noted the traditional Christmas markets and Czech delicacies:

"The variety of food and beverages sold at the market is very generous. Visitors may look forward to traditional Czech food as barbecued pork, blood sausages, Czech muffins, conkers, beer, mull, mead and other typical gastronomical specialties from Old Czech cuisine." 

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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