Average Czech Wage Rises Above 29 Thousand Crowns

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Average monthly earnings across the Czech Republic have increased by 6.8% compared with this time last year, according to new statistics from the Czech Statistical Office. It now stands at 29,050 crowns per month, meaning employees took home 1,840 crowns more than last year. 

After taking into consideration the rise in consumer prices, Czech monthly earnings still rose by 4.2%, according to calculations by the Czech Statistical Office. The average Czech wage has been growing since 2014, but analysts actually predicted a 0.2% higher increase this month than was realized.

However, this statistic uses the mean average so it is important to recognize that less than two-thirds of the population take home a salary that reaches this 29,050 crown average. The median average wage rose by 7.1%. This is 27,486 crowns for men but considerably lower for women at 22,584 crowns. 

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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