At Vltavská Tram Stop There's A Wall For Donations

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Vltavská tram stop in Prague 7 has seen a new donor project in the last month.

Commuters can donate clothing they don't need for those who do, and there are many who appreciate coats and jackets in the winter. The colourful wallpaper has fish images and fishing-rod-style hooks so passing travelers can engage in this charitable act. Some kind-hearted souls have even left sweets or a can of beer too.

A vast number of homeless people reside around the Vltavská stop. It also close to a park and a number of areas around the railway track where the homeless congregate. It was not possible to identify the initiator of this community project. "We rarely do this kind of action. We also tried to find some more information about who is the developer, but we have not found it," explained Prague spokesman Martin Vokus being interviewed by Metro Daily.

Traffic police are also unaware of the author or the exact time when the Vltava wall appeared.

Similar innovative donor projects are seen in the neighboring city district. Prague 6 has plastic cabinets for homeless people. Spare coins began to hang on the trees in Dejvická Square. The classic public wardrobe for clothes and gifts can also be found on the piazza of the National Theater, the park in Pankrác, Modřany or Žižkov.

"Donor's Wall? A good idea", wrote Roman Kubarič, who earned a reward for a photograph of the wall he captured.

Author: Samia Ahmed 


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