Anti-Babiš Demonstration To Be The Biggest Since 1989

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The Milion of Moments for Democracy initiative - which has organized weekly protests against the prime minister since the end of April - is set to take place again on Wenceslas Square today, starting at 18.30. Demonstrators will demand the resignation of Justice Minister Marie Benešová and the prosecuted PM Andrej Babiš. Tens of thousands of people from Prague and other cities are ready to attend.

“We will demand not only the resignation of Marie Benešová, but also the resignation of the prosecuted PM Andrej Babiš. We've got enough!” wrote Facebook the organizers.

Demonstrations are being held every week since the end of April and the number of participants is growing. According to the organizers, about 50 thousand people met on Wenceslas Square two weeks ago. Today the organizers expect 100,000 people from all over the country, which would make it the biggest public protest since the anti-communist demonstrations in 1989. 

"People have the right to demonstrate and express their opinion, we have a democracy," Prime Minister Andrej Babis said, but he does not see any reason to respond to the protesters' challenges.

Babis’s previous justice minister, Jan Knezinek, resigned the day after the police wrapped up their investigation. Babis said Knezinek’s position had only been intended to be temporary. His departure came amid a wider cabinet shuffle.

As a lawmaker, Benešová voted against a police request to strip Babis of parliamentary immunity to face investigation.

She's a lawyer and adviser to President Milos Zeman, Babis' close ally. Zeman has repeatedly criticized prosecutors.

Babis has consistently rejected the accusations against him as a plot and politically inspired. Despite the allegations and conflict of interest accusations against him, his ANO party remains the clear poll leader.

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