Android Pay Is Now Available in the Czech Republic

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From today, Android Pay it’s available in the Czech Republic and Brazil, and soon it’ll be live in Slovakia, too.

Android Pay is a full mobile payment system, designed to let people purchase items and services both online and in the real world.

In the Czech Republic, participating retailers include the supermarket chains AholdBilla, and Lidl, as well as clothing store H&M, ubiquitous fast food restaurant McDonald's, and railway company Regiojet. You can use Visa or MasterCard with J&T BankamBank, and Moneta now, while support for Komerční banka (KB) is coming soon.

Earlier this year, Google also launched Android Pay in Spain as well as Taiwan, Canada, and Russia.


A user stores their credit or debit card information on their Android Pay account, and when they want to pay for an item or service, they take their phone or watch and place it near the retailer’s point-of-sale terminal. A signal send through NFC hardware send the payment information from the phone or watch to the POS terminal. Android Pay can also be used on some NFC-enabled ATMs so users can get cash money from their bank account, again without having to pull out their credit or debit card.

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