Andrej Babiš Is The New Czech Prime Minister

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Billionaire Andrej Babiš was named Czech prime minister Wednesday.

President Zeman named the second-richest Czech, who controls a chemicals, food and media empire, at a Prague castle ceremony, a week before the head of state is scheduled to appoint the full cabinet. After Babis’s euroskeptic ANO dominated October elections, he is upending the political system by proposing a single-party government without majority backing in parliament.

ANO holds 78 seats in the 200-seat lower house but has so far failed to win the backing of any of the other eight parties. Should he lose such a vote, Babiš would stay in power until a new arrangement is found. But given his party’s size, it would also most likely have to lead any other arrangement.

Babiš's new cabinet will take power on Dec. 13, allowing him to take part in a European Union leaders’ summit the following day.

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