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A new art installation by Czech artist, Dušan Zahoranský, has appeared at the Dlouhá and Rybná crossroad. Hanging metres above eye height, this striking 3D sculpture has six Czech words on it. They form a kind of 3D poem that comments on how we behave in urban spaces. 

In English, the words translate as "reads", "goes," "met" "missed," "her" and "him". Initially, the words don't make sense. Each reader must assemble them into their own text as they walk round the object. 

Suspended in the air, you could easily miss this artwork, as many of us rush around the city with eyes glued to our mobile phone, without looking around or interacting with each other. This is how the object gets its name, "Small Talk". 

"The whole text is based on the character of the place and the way people behave in the city. They do not look around and do not communicate with each other," Šárka Syslová from Gallery NoD, who are responsible for the artwork, summarises this central idea behind Zahoransk's piece. 

The object follows in the tradition of Czech experimental poetry, which from the 1960's used spatial dimension, typography, and art, as well as traditional literary means to make meaning. Syslová added, "His work, both formally and in substance builds on the tradition of Czech poetism, in which the text was mostly visual."

The installation will stay put until October 2018 and is lit up at night. 

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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