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If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in Prague, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead.

These are the new restaurant openings that seem like they have the most potential - although keep in mind, for the ones we haven’t tried, we make no promises. Go forth and be a pioneer!

Beers & Cheers

The ambitious plan to transform Myslíkova street into a pulsing vein for traffic, as well as gastronomy, helped bring about the creation of an American style bistro Beers & Cheers. The kitchen is in the hands of Tomáš and Lukáš, whose goal is to infuse esthetics and high quality of processing into fast food. These concepts flow from their experience in premium gastronomy and their travels. They will happily pour their signature drinks from jugs, surprise you with their choices of beer specials, and their fries are crunchier than anywhere else.

U Matěje

Chef Jan Punčochář is fulfilling a dream of his own by opening the restaurant U Matěje on Prague’s Hanspaulka. No tiny portions in the middle of large plates – instead, you can expect feasts in the middle of large tables. Such is the concept of this new venue, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Punčochář will focus on modern Czech cuisine, with emphasis on proper sauces and top-quality meat.

Kro Kitchen

It’s a new bistro with a rotisserie. What does rotisserie mean? The name is of French origin and denotes a grilling machine in which the food - typically meat – slowly rotates over a fire or a heating element on a spit. The process ensures that the food is roasted evenly in its own juices, and it can easily be basted with marinade. The parts that are done can also be easily carved. In Kro Kitchen, they mostly roast chickens and smoked pork knees.

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