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At the beginning of March, the new restaurant Amano opened its doors. This is now the 8th venue operated by Riccardo Lucque and Ondřej Rákosník. This new concept, which is situated not far from Florenc, focuses on gourmet pizza prepared from special dough and their own yeast, with the best-quality Italian ingredients. Amano’s concept is also built on social dining – which means that it offers smaller portions of food in order to encourage guests to try multiple items from the menu and share even more of their experience with their friends.


A new café opened for a trial period in Osadní street in Prague at the beginning of March. Above all, you can taste impeccably-prepared coffee here, from the hands of the team around Ondřej Štökl. But don’t worry, that’s not all – the place also offers their own fresh juices, a fresh menu, and natural wines which go hand in hand with their coffee. The team from the new café Osada is looking forward to welcoming you and they trust that they have something to offer. 

Mama's Garden Bar 

You’ve probably already heard about the new Mama Shelter network hotel in Prague. Newly, a sports bar has become a part of this concept as well, however. So, if you’re tired of your wife switching the channel away from soccer or your husband from figure skating, Mama’s Garden Bar is the ideal solution for both of you. That’s because the bar has seven large TV screens, each of which displays a different sport. Now it’s just up to you to choose which sport or sportsperson to cheer for. 

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