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Beer gardens are usually fun places to hang out with family and friends. Some beer gardens also have showings of sports games such as the World Cup that recently just ended. Here is a list of 10 beer gardens you’ll sure to have a great time with!

1. U Sadu - The legendary pub on the "Škroupák" on the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov, renowned for its almost non-stop open kitchen of good meals and a plethora of different beer types. We recommend testing their produced beers from the Brewery of the same name.

2. Pod lipami - One of the most beautiful streets of Prague, Čechov has a small, inconspicuous coffee bar. This spacious garden is hidden behind low shrubs. 

3. Baretta - a three-in-one place where you can find good coffee, cocktails, and a charming Indian garden. Their Baretta pizza is also well known among locals!

4. Liberál - Used to be a smokey pub but after the smoking restriction happened in the area, their little garden opened up for locals and visitors to enjoy!

5. Na Květnici - Another famous beer garden nearby Baretta. Their burgers and beers are a must-try combination for people to try! You also get a beautiful view of the Nusel Valley. 

6. Stalin - Stalin season began this April 26th in Letná. There are various DJ sessions, night parties, and a wonderful view of the whole city across the river to enjoy. 

7. Žlutá pumpa - A Vinohradská legend! This Mexican-style place has been opened for 20 years. The beer garden is small and cozy but one will definitely enjoy their fajitas and tequila together!

8. Na Pekařce - A restaurant with excellent cuisine! It is also suitable for a large number of guests that can hold up to 50 people. They also have grilled specialties and a varied menu of lunch meals.

9. U Kruhu - An interior courtyard that will give you romantic vibes all just a few steps from Wenceslas Square.

10. Containall -This beer garden has recently opened in Stromovka, behind the Industrial Palace. A perfect way to end the day with some festive lights and good vibes with friends!

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